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Breastfeeding has been sceptical of their safety

On a global scale, 6 months infants of pure breast feeding rate of less than 40%. While in China, exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months after the baby's birth rate is only about 27%. Negative factors affecting breastfeeding widespread, recently a "blind pursuit of breast milk, the young mother half a year old baby to feed into cerebral palsy" in the media, more questions that many new mothers on breastfeeding, breast milk is not safe? Experts say breast milk is the ideal mother giving her child a natural food, which not only strengthens the baby immunity and promoting infant brain development and mental health, and can also reduce the incidence of female breast disease, is a reflection of women's right to health. While breastfeeding is mother and child emotional bond, is the baby's right to demand food, care and health protection. Experts call for, breastfeeding is conducive to the health of mothers and children of two generations, and high security, low cost, and should be worthy of the whole society to support and promote.
from the just-ended "World Breastfeeding Week" came in a surprising message: on a global scale, children under 6 months exclusive breastfeeding rate is lower than 40%, negative factors affecting breastfeeding widespread. While in China, exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months after the baby's birth rate is only about 27%, is still not up to the average level of the world. Previously, Hubei in the media a "blind pursuit of breast milk, the young mother half a year old baby to feed into cerebral palsy" story went viral on the Internet, questions that many new mothers on breastfeeding, breast milk is not safe?
"two generations of breastfeeding to mothers and children health, and high security, low cost, and should be worthy of the whole society to support and promote. "The Vice President of the China Association of maternal and child health said Pang Ruyan, the World Health Organization and UNICEF advocate breastfeeding, with special emphasis on breastfeeding, do not add water, supplementary food and powdered milk. Meanwhile, 6 months later to add the appropriate supplementary food. Breastfeeding thereafter until the child is two years old or more, and more scientific.
safety of breastfeeding cannot be questioned, "breast-test" more unnecessary
recently, Hubei in media reports, and a mothers continued breastfeeding, babies can eat into the thin breast milk after the age of half, malnutrition, cerebral dysgenesis, hospital diagnosed "cerebral palsy". You see this message, many new mothers worry that their milk is the first reaction will be "malnutrition", feeding the child, finally made the choice of giving up.
breast milk to babies with cerebral palsy has no scientific basis. Forth affiliated hospital of China Medical University obstetrics Director Cao Xia said: "in the pathogenesis of cerebral palsy, and never breastfeeding said. "Experts introduced, brain palsy main is due to premature, and brain hypoxia, and infection, factors, as pregnancy early patient rubella, and band herpes or bow insect disease, pregnancy in the, and late of serious infection, disease rational dystocia, led to of, this has is known of facts, can certainly and breast feeding no directly relationship, because nutrition bad led to brain palsy a said, no any science according to.
Cao Xia reminded parents that some children do not tolerate breast milk is mainly due to poor digestion, intestinal absorption is not good. Breast-fed children daily bowel movements more often, sometimes mild diarrhoea, but if a child's weight is steadily increasing, it means feeding properly. If the child sustained severe diarrhea or weight does not grow, you need to go to hospital to troubleshoot the cause.
"breast-test" don't be misguided. Obstetric experts repeatedly stressed that breast milk is the most natural, the most babies only safe food. So prepare for breastfeeding mothers milk testing do you need it? Reporters learned from the many hospitals, there is no specific human breast milk composition detection this project. Breast-testing major disease control Department is used in some data and statistics, and for nursing mothers and have no special significance.
experts warn: "General clinic, we children of jaundice does not return for a long time, you need to test breast milk, there is no CMV, and no detection of breast, necessary. "Cao Xia ... Some mothers worry about pesticide residues in milk, mercury levels are higher, Cao Xia believes that Mama ingredients in food enters the breast milk, but this content is actually identical to the nature of the content, if not in breast milk that are also present in other foods. Nursing mother pay attention to good food taboos and contraindications, breast milk is safe.
breast-milk substitutes are often exaggerated propaganda, its side effects and the risk of a little-known
of breast milk known as the children of "the first gold medal", however the breastfeeding rate is affected by many factors, lingering at a low level for a long time. Social publicity and the effect of the lack of support is undeniable, but the most immediate impact is a powerful China maternal mental: some milk propaganda exaggerating the product features, lots of breast milk substitutes in particular some of the ocean of milk powder brands had taken root, and misleading to the public, a profound impact on breastfeeding.
milk formula unparalleled. Chinese preventive medicine Association child care branch, China Association of maternal and child health breastfeeding said Dai Yaohua, Director of the Committee of experts, infant formula does not contain antibodies in breast milk. After the milk formula, the quality of protein is unlikely to change. Baby animals may be milk protein intolerance, diarrhea, abdominal pain, skin rash and other symptoms. Mothers of some of the poorest areas in order to increase formula using excessive dilution with time, may contribute to infant malnutrition. Most importantly, lack of breast milk contains protein active infection, and improper preparation would cause greater harm to the baby. Using unsafe water and unsterilized equipment or due to a bacterial powder formula powder may have some risks. Nearly two years have taken place in "milk" not only sound the alarm on the milk producing industry, but warned parents who rely on breast milk substitutes: industrial production will inevitably produce a variety of side effects, and the right to health should be in their hands, which is more important which is self-evident.
breastfeeding is not free to break from the formula back to breastfeeding is not feasible. According to the Ministry's Community Health Department Deputy Director Zhang deying introduction, pregnant women are now generation, more people are first-time mothers, lack of breastfeeding experience if no guidance, it will cause the baby to suck bad, reducing maternal lactation, and then give up breast-feeding. Maternal nursing process will encounter a variety of problems and inconveniences, such as the need to get up in the Middle nursing chapped, nipple, secretion of milk and so on, where you need to get family encouragement and guidance of professionals. In recent years, some medical institutions failing to strictly enforce the regulation on marketing of breast milk substitutes, maternal breastfeeding breastfeeding knowledge and guidance is not enough. This is also an important reason for low rates of breastfeeding.
in addition, the experts warn, frequent breastfeeding keeps the duration of breast feeding, but after using the formula, to return to breastfeeding is not feasible.
breastfeeding promotion of maternal health and reducing obesity and cancer risk
breastfeeding is beneficial to children's health for life. Dai Yaohua introduces baby needs all the nutrients in breast milk and that appropriate, active immune substances contained many neonatal disease can reduce the risk. In addition, breastfeeding also benefits the lifelong health of children. Ding Jie, a Professor of Pediatrics in Peking University first hospital introduction, breast-fed children resistance stronger, and there have been a lot of such data in the study, breastfeeding children, as adults risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, are much more low than the formula child. There is evidence that breastfeeding group intelligence test results obtained will be better. Breastfeeding, MOM and baby skin, eye contact and communication, language, can contribute to the establishment of mother and child bond, MOM could be psychologically satisfying.
breast feeding not only the beneficiaries of the infant, the mother also benefit. Can produce a natural contraceptive effect of breastfeeding, although it is not absolute. Reproductive experts, women within the first six months of production, the contraceptive effect of breastfeeding up to 98%. Breastfeeding helps mothers contractions of the uterus, puerperal recovery faster return to pre-pregnancy weight, reduce obesity, but also reduces a woman's risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.
there are a lot of young mothers in order to prevent breast sagging deformation, keeping it in perfect shape, and refuse to breastfeed their children. "Such worries are unnecessary", obstetrics and Gynecology, experts say, and in fact had little impact on breastfeeding breast deformation of, for the baby and the mother's health, it is best to breastfeed. As to whether the chest back to business as usual, various conditioning and maintenance are needed.