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20 the annual salary system nanny test water in Shenyang

Domestic service at present, Liaoning province, the average is lower secondary education. To Shen workers even for primary education in rural areas, in some people's eyes, the domestic helper is an inferior work, will be discriminated against. Medical staff and medical and nursing students in the hospital as a nurse than do domestic workers respected. In addition, domestic service companies more concerned with public groups, understanding of high-end customers.
creating China's first high-salary system nanny company combination, is that each company has different advantages, to band together to complement each other. Han Naijun introduced, it tube chain does a large Lord Shiva, gold service experience, where the Covenant has been committed to maternal and child market.
        It is understood that the first high-end housekeeping service agencies the first of 20 people, they will serve as the Family Services Division, month nurses and teachers go home early into the high-end customer family. Is different from other domestic service, they need a college education, serving in the professional field in the past, after passing the interview, they will received a two-month closed-end training at universities, formal induction after one-month internship. We have to create is the complex personnel, not from the existing domestic service and selected graduate nursing students, because the existing personnel's quality does not meet requirements, but younger students you don't have experience in domestic service. Dong Yun-Dan explains. The company was first established, all the tourists are also worried now, many high-end customers heard about the matter in advance of high-end domestic service, Yun-Tung on the higher end of the market with confidence.
        the morning of July 21, 26 Wu Xiaobin neatly to appear at the interview scene. In front of recruiters shows Bachelor degree certificate, CET syndrome, syndrome of syndrome of professional therapists, dieticians and other recruiters to Wu Xiaobin was satisfied with first impressions. Wu Xiaobin said that a nurse at a hospital before, did not know much about the Division of family services job interview, was directed at "annual salary", "high pay" these items. Qualifications for this work to his son while their parents did not understand, but was confident Wu Xiaobin for domestic service work. "I know nutrition, also have family health knowledge, I think I can do this work. "
        Yun-tung, Dan said, earning more than 100,000 yuan, complete insurance, paid vacation, and regular training, salary attracts quite a number of professionals. But this work has not been easy, and behind each post's domestic service is a professional team of "remote control". Report is submitted every day, in constant adjustment and improvement under the guidance of experts, high-end domestic service more responsibility than other domestic service a lot.
        "as national high-end domestic market blank, our vision has been to the country. I hope to be training our professionals all over the country and even around the world in the future, changing people's perception of domestic service sector in the past. "High confidence in the domestic service sector.