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How to choose a good month

Smart notes for the selected month
matters: confinement, family values were unified. Sometimes mothers would like the month, but the family may have different ideas, there are inconsistencies. Month select back or door-to-door work encountered many difficulties, gain, therefore, and the concept of family unity is very important.
II: be sure of your requirements. Some expectant mothers to be at random, some very good, for this first, you can communicate with domestic companies, clarify requirements, recommend the appropriate month to domestic companies.
three: select the regular domestic companies. Select Center to inspect the business qualification in home economics, and to ensure that the qualifications of its personnel. Contracts include service details, fees, default or liability; pay to obtain a formal invoice. Regular domestic companies have a strict review process, each month has its own archives, including identity cards, health cards, experience, qualification certificate, photographs, medical certificates and other documents, the user must inspect these documents.
four: asked in the interview what? How aunt know this month is not professional? Questions more starting from the actual work, such as how many babies you are doing what, baby milk began to eat, eat in a week, to the baby shower details is what. See if confinement is good, in addition to technology also depends on the character, and this is very important.
five: be sure to sign a contract. Recommended when confinement, first book month, to sign the contract. And sometimes for convenience, please no month to month she signed a contract, there is no agreed scope of work and working time, confinement services, there have been disputes, employers justified somehow. Sign service contracts, see more terms of the contract, no problem and then checked.
VI: assessment of confinement. In the course of providing services in the month, to continuously meet the month assessment of company's services for the month and fill every month of service evaluation forms, not satisfied with the service of confinement can change request to the company.
seven: timely communication and confinement. Maternity during the confinement period, easily in a bad mood, so should maternity and confinement to strengthen communication in a timely manner, telling month your preference or your recommendation to the confinement, not due to face so what problems are easy to solve.
so the expectant mother must pay attention to the content, can not be ignored, so that we can help mothers take care of baby mothers better recovery of the body.