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Workplace pregnant prenatal prepare to do 5 things

, Antepartum
this link is essential to every pregnant woman, expectant mothers should be started in April during regular prenatal, late in pregnancy also checked once every half month. During prenatal examinations, in addition to the regular normal checks, should also review the Maternal serum alphafetoprotein, hepatic and renal function and chest x-ray, easy access to accurate prenatal diagnosis.
II, balanced nutrition  
daily needs the same nutrients in addition to protein and heat outside, you also need to add the right amount of iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamins. In addition to the daily diet, appropriate intake of pregnant women multi-element method is a good nutritional supplement.
, to avoid exposure to hazardous work environment in some professions there are harmful substances, (chemicals, pesticides, x rays, etc) can affect the development of the fertilized eggs, can also lead to fetal malformations. Pregnant mother during pregnancy to avoid contact or visit the harmful factors in the working environment. Four, avoiding overtime
/> accordance with national labour laws, women employees during pregnancy, lactation or for more than 7 months of pregnancy, the law clearly stipulates the employer must not arrange his overtime. Especially preparation for childbirth, mothers should ensure adequate sleep quality. With the increase in pregnancy, to protect itself as well as the health of the fetus in pregnant women are not suitable for working overtime, and work should also have some reasonable rest time.
five, prenatal depending on the nature of the work to be at least a week or more off
plenty of rest to the fetal babies and postpartum milk-secretion of normal pregnant women. Third trimester is the delivery of the final sprint stage, heavy maternal burden caused by rapid fetal development, prenatal long expectant mothers in the workplace should stop working? with different theory of the nature of the job. If pregnant women of body status good, engaged in risk than smaller of work, and work environment relative quiet, and clean, or long-term sat in Office within, so can in due of Qian one week or two week returned to home in the rest; if pregnant women engaged in of is service, and sales, need long time stands or walking of work, recommends should in due of Qian two week half on left work returned to home in the stay produced; if work movement sex quite big, should ahead of one months began Hugh maternity leave, so as not to occurred accident.