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Tutors strengthen the memory of 10 methods

Memories II, reciting the classics look back look back
know, people often read and study and leisure time would often recite some famous, idioms and sentences, short poems, mathematical formulas, foreign words and technical Essentials knowledge? but refined look back on memories of "death defying stunts". Marx's practice of youth that are not dark outside the recitation of a poem, exercise my memories back to back. 10-20 minutes to recite every day, can be added to look back on the memories back.
three, physical and psychological use look back back to memory stick to high
scientifically proven, accurate repetition is effectively the main way to look back on the memories, in human studies after my brain, hands, ears and mouths develop knowledge when you look back on the memories back, looking back at memories hold effective good. Because when you look back on the memories, should head, also I read, handwriting, people rejoice in the studies; stealthily changed their look back more memories "channel" to participate in looking back memories, and how I trace back to memories back deepened, looking back memories better effectiveness of course.
, strong has many strange looking back memories we study and often while reading some numbers, easy to remember. Suppose you longer than memories back back back, to remember. Stakes tables and room or Luo Mafang law law of Word and image, is tele-embodiment of the idea. You will post or store room used as an image at stake, the truth that is made to look back on the memories of the tools to make connections with known tools. Original tools called "stake", to look back on the memories and new post connection, this method was applied to a large number of data and language back to memories back.
five, chew more gain back memory
scientific fact: one chew is able to effectively counteract looking back memories fade one way. The view was expressed that, because chewing can make people relaxed, assuming that old man chewing less, proportionate to the hormones in the blood is high, sufficient to constitute a short look back on memories to fade. As we observe the crowd will find, often chewing teeth of people good, eat more, study materials dry materials dry and look back on the memories also strengthened. And if Americans would most like to chew sweet Bran is exemplified.
/> six, girl, help women to some extent extended look back on the memories and life. Nagging is also repeated in the talk using one event alone, often repeat must, of course, deepen nagging people to some thing or attention and look back on the memories back. Experts believe that the exchange of more women than men are willing to talk; after the men entered a period of years, mostly silence silence silence. And speech is impossible or lack of my mind way, can resist looking back memories to fade.
seven, wonderful food memories help look back look back
eat the right amount of "healthy fats" may reduce thrombosis, such as olive oil, fish oil is a good decision to keep malformation of blood circulation, contain rich vitamins, mineral body of vegetables and fruits is good decision to stay healthy. There are a lot of people, not looking back memories not method, but the brain messaging--not enough looking back memories in acetic acid and choline. If you eat these foods, you can greatly improve your ability to look back on the memories back.
BA, strong loved one looking back memories of playing
physical activity can improve health and spirit helps alleviate back memories to fade. Particularly popular interest are those who love to play athletic, browse the numerous, wide range of knowledge, look back back strong memories. Scientific fact: loves dancing, reading, playing cards, activities such as learning a foreign language can add the number of synapses, in varying degrees, enhanced signaling between nerve cells, safe and look back on the memories back.
, sports and fitness can resist looking back memories to fade
General, of good health, men who love sports and love to save, spirit of sufficient study power look back on memories and of course strong, when people exercise the body promote brain about renewing itself. Experts believe that durable cardiovascular exercise about reduced due to loss of brain structure add age, about reducing back memories to fade. Much research suggests that keeping the mind dull, just sport. Exercise three to four times a week on-campus child care, when at the age of 10 or 11 years old and repair are generally higher. Often walking old one look back back of memory testing performance to good than their sedentary peers. After the energy output of the brain of oxygen consumed, exercise can enhance intelligence.
new study refutes the birth you cannot generate new brain cells after that. Similar to the study found that physical exercise can promote on the reality of the new brain cells are added. In mice, exults in strengthening the effectiveness of the exercise to provoke and study and looking back memories-independent-shaped most significantly on the rise.
10, family honor pleasurable brain failure-proof
a large number of social surveys have shown that family honor is the way forward for postgraduate studies looking back memory condition is love of people or couple both of two lovers ' sense of honor will make both the body excrete hormones and acetylcholine, flesh, not conducive to enhanced immunity, slow down brain aging.