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New moms: "confined" is not 30 days

Confinement must stay home at least 30 days? Maternal body after 30 days of recuperation to fully recover? With parenting questions and answers questions, let us listen to what the experts say.
care must stay home at least 30 days?
expert's answer is, confinement is in general the day count, that is, if was born on February 15, because February only 28 days, full moon is March 18th.
, however, would like to remind new moms, body recovery is not to say that the day before yesterday was confined to take care of, and today only a day or two back. Children are hurt need a slow gradual process. Even if there was a full moon, eating diets that require the attention, don't do too much work, bath wash clothes had to be careful not to catch cold. Old folk saying: confinement, but only 100 days is not a big full moon. In other words, new MOM body recovery takes more than three months.
traditionally, it was one month after giving birth as "confinement", but in fact, after a month of adjustment, many organs of the body have not been fully restored. For example, retraction of the uterus takes 6 weeks to return to close to the size of the non-pregnant uterus, placenta attached to all endometrial regenerative repair of 6 weeks for; postpartum abdominal tension, the recovery also takes 6 weeks to 8 weeks ' time. Maternal work during this period, is susceptible to diseases like uterine prolapse.

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