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Service project

Confinement services

1, maternal care and life care: keep indoor air fresh, observed maternal body condition (mostly breast, Lochia, urination and defecation), cleaning and disinfection of maternity clothes, help for women unable to take care of the maternal body scrub, take care of maternal diet.
2, breast care: helping mothers cleaned, hot compress, massaging the breasts, breast pain reduction, steering maternal right breastfeeding position.
3, postpartum recovery: for the restoration of maternal size, steering maternal postpartum recovery exercises.
4, nutritional food: arrange the maternal diet, made for maternal nutrition.
5, psychological guidance: communicating with the maternal language, exchange their child-care experience.
II, baby nursing, life care: keep indoor air fresh, care of children of Bobbie, watering, feeding, bathing the baby, change diapers and other clothing.
2, professional care: infant thermometers, sterilize the baby's umbilical cord, diapers, towels, baby bottles and other baby supplies for cleaning, disinfecting, pay attention to two-three bath, observation of infant jaundice.
3, common treatments: to observe the baby's feces and urine are normal, the body has no exceptions, and prevent the occurrence of common diseases such as diaper rash and thrush, unusual in a timely manner to remind and assist the treatment.
4, the potential for development: for enhance baby's resistance capacity and coordination, development potential, as appropriate, to help touch, swim to the baby and infant gymnastics, and steering maternal to master these skills.

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